This paydirt is great!  Lots of colors and was able to pick out plenty of nuggets from each pan.

Ethan H.

This paydirt makes the best present ever!

Emily W.

This is the first paydirt I've ordered where a good amount of gold was found.  Very happy with the nuggets and pickers!

Edward M.

We always find big gold in this paydirt!  The shipping is fast and free, which is great.

Harold R.

Tons of fun and spent many hours mining this paydirt.  We'd recommend it for a day of fun!

Sam R.

I had a blast panning this paydirt!  Found a nice variety of fines, pickers, and nuggets.

Timothy N.

Large pieces of gold that were consistently found in each pan!  Highly recommended!

Daniel M.

Very surprised at the large size of the nuggets.  Can't wait for the next bag!

Jacob H.

This gold paydirt is double-bagged and packaged well.  Found lots of nice nuggets!

Robert W.

This is the best gold-bearing paydirt you're ever going to find!  This dirt comes from rich ground.

Robert T.